Sejong FNC is a garden that
we cultivate together with our client!

We will continue to strive to maximize customer satisfaction by
securing stable growth and competitiveness.


Sejong FNC has establish a new company by separating
Sejong EMC's electricity, computer and machinery divisions and
excluding its electronics unit.

Guided by the company motto
"The company is our garden of lift; we work together to cultivate it."
everyone at Sejong FNC will strive to instill devotion to the company by
motivation the employees, securing stable growth and competitiveness,
and maximizing customer satisfaction.

  • Computation Control System
  • Machinery
  • Robotics Aplication
Company Number
Company Address
  • 18, Seongseoseo-ro 55-gil, Dalseo-gu,
    Daegu, Republic of Korea


It has its own technology and personnel in each field to supply computerization of various inspection systems and facilities and to develop and supply efficient facilities.

Computation Control System

Process Management Program

  • 1. POP (Point Of Production) System
  • 2. L.M.S (Line Monitoring System)
  • 3. M.E.S (Manufacturing Execution System)

Funtion Test Program

  • 1. Car Seat Frame : Track, Pumping Device, Recliner, Electronic
  • 2. Car Seat Assamble : IMS, Power, PODS, H/Rest
  • 3. Order Made

Car Seat Frame & Assambley Line

  • 1. Conveyor & Pallet
  • 2. Funtion Test Machine
  • 3. Process Machine
  • 4. Sub Jig & Machine

Order Made

  • 1. Jig & Fixtures
  • 2. Test & Assamble Machine
Robotics Aplication

Industrial Robot

  • 1. Unloading
  • 2. Trsanport
  • 3. Welding

Cobot ( 협업 로봇 )

  • 1. Steam Ironning
  • 2. Assembling
  • 3. Testing


direction of the Sejong FNC

Address18, Seongseoseo-ro 55-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea


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